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Thread: Anyone booting from CF care to help?

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    Anyone booting from CF care to help?

    Freezing weather sucks. My HDD is dead, and I'm trying like crazy to get my system to work with my CF > IDE adapter (at a reasonable speed)

    Here is my scenario, simplified: Removed computer from car. Removed junk HDD. Connected Seagate 40gb as master. TinyXP is installed. Tweaked settings: disabling pagefile, minlogon, etc. Runs lightning fast. Beer + High five. Bootprepped my Sandisk Ultra II. Copied the volume. Connected CF > IDE adapter as master. 5 minute boot times. Tried the same process with my spare cheapo Kingston 512mb, boots in under 20 seconds.

    I would use the 512mb, but I can't get everything installed (.net, Intel drivers, Centrafuse). Anyone care to explain what may be going on? At least someone could humor me... I'd almost like to see this computer recessed into the pavement. BTW, chipset is an Intel 845G.

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    you sure it's a legit SanDisk card? I heard that some shady Chinese companies sell bogus SanDisk cards on eBay. What CF-IDE adapter you using?

    An UltraII should definitely beat any other brand out there. Only cards faster would be Extreme I-IV.

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    I would use the 512mb, but I can't get everything installed (.net, Intel drivers, Centrafuse).
    Try removing those from your other card and see how fast it boots. It could be those drivers that are holding you up.

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