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Thread: psx->usb adapter, works great! any decent emu?

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    psx->usb adapter, works great! any decent emu?

    Yesterday while searching in vain for parts I need at radio shack I saw and snagged an adapter to use your playstation controllers on your pc. It was 9.99 and it works GREAT! I was up all night playing my old SNES roms... unfortunatley I realized most of them were in japanese and I just don't know enough to play an RPG in japanese

    Does anybody know of a decent playstation emulator? That would be a great addition to the carputer.

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    Bleems the best but it's not free. PS EMU Pro was decent but I haven't tried it in a while. I use the PSX to USB adapter as well to play my old nes and snes games. It's going in my car when I get it all set up.

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