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Thread: stickers??

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    Quote Originally Posted by JimmyFitz View Post
    Use scissors
    LOL. Good call.

    Wait, wait, wait...what I meant to say was that I'd be willing to mod the OP's sticker for only $50 (plus shipping both ways and insurance, of course). Guaranteed results! I got an A+ in kindergarten in "Scissor technique" class, and am certified to cut out circles, squares, triangles, AND letters! A+++++ eBay feedback as well. PM me with details.


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    lol I guess scissors kind of slipped my mind good call!

    I can install a car PC, but need to ask questions about how to modify a sticker

    and if I do decide to have one made I'll of course send an email to mp3car first to make sure I have permission to do so

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    If I put this in my car, maybe I'll sport an sticker
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    I have an mp3car sticker from last summer and it does not have the white background. it is actually cut around the letters.
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    Quote Originally Posted by mwmcginn View Post
    Just thinking about theft though, I try to keep my car looking plain, but nice. This is a pretty widely known website now. I dont know if it would be a good idea to advertise that you have this equipment in your car.
    I have proudly displayed my bumper stickers for years now (5+). A few weeks ago, some jackass broke into my car and stole my equipment. I have tinted rear windows (no way to see inside) and was parked facing a hill. The only way a burgler could see in was by walking around the sides of my car. He couldn't have simply driven by and seen anything - he must have seen something... The sticker is all I can figure...

    "MP3" is far too well known these days... We need something more "l33t". In the know, you know?

    It's a shame. I love this site and to display my devotion to it. Too bad I can't show it off.
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    how about some kind of design like the 12 blocks in the logo. but make the whole shape of the logo be those small blocks.
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    if your worried about theft i suggest putting the viper alarm sticker right below or above the mp3car sticker :-)
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    Viper alarms?? Are they that good?
    This is my blog about

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