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Thread: VMOD, when is it coming out?

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    VMOD, when is it coming out?

    So the "VMOD" is something that I think is really interesting and easy to do as far as a "carputer" goes, but the release dates are all over the place. Does anyone have an idea when this will come out? Do you all think it will be cool or complete junk...?

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    If anyone wants a vmod for there car contact me and I can set you up this thing is priced right and is really FN cool.

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    Just curious if anyone has tried the VMOD and what they thought of it. I see this is an old post but I was thinking of buying one for my first pc install and doing osmehting simple until I get comfortabnle doing more. I see the price is coming down alot and I think you can get into one for around $600.00 last I saw.

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