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    Question Setup questions

    I have been wanting to set up a computer in my car for sometime now but never got around to doing it. And last night I sat down and did some research on how to go about doing so. I looked over plenty of online pages and project pages but never could find a actualy tutorial on what all I will need and how to go about setting it all up.

    Then I found this site which I looked at the different project cars that were up and most of them have not been updated in years and then most were broken links.

    And I also used the "search" feature on the forums to gather some info and didn't find much helpful info. ( yes I used the almighty search feature I here you all telling the newbies to use )

    I am not new to computer hardware at all, I know how to build the computer and what all I need as far as Hdd,FDD,OS, and software.

    I just need some help on how to implement the rig into my car. Which means the PSU, and what kind of converter I need to convert the power and also what I need to use to the lcd screen in my dash, and extend the cables to the trunk where the rig will be housed at.

    Also I want to give you all props because I have seen many of your systems in the thread where you post your setup and they all look very nice.

    any help will be usefull, and yes I do know what the search button is used for but it doest seem to do anygood.

    What I am basically looking for is a online tutorial or webpage that will guide me.

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    I wrote out a tutorial on my site a few years ago which is still relevant. It was simply how to drop a full sized mid-tower computer into a car with a LCD and actually have it turn on.

    There are many others.


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