Topic says it all folks. I simply don't have the fabrication or motor skills necessary to make this setup visually appealing to me to the point I'd be willing to use it daily.

I have a 7" lilliput screen removed from it's case and mounted in a Custom bezel (manufactured by "kameleon" on the board), and stuck in the dash.

Well, turns out that screen mount was crap and it cracked, and my method of super glueing it to my radio bezel wasn't as effective as I had hoped. All in all, I'm extremely unhappy with the result of my 250 dollar screen and my 130 dollar screen mount.

I'm willing to ship it out to you to be cleaned up, fixed, fabricated... whatever it takes to make it look less like ****. I don't care. I just want it working and not ugly.

I'm willing to pay shipping both ways (from 16509), and a fee that we agree upon, for your time.

I'll expect to see an example of work you've done, and would really like to keep the costs as low as possible here, but am willing to pay extra for quality work. I understand time is money, and fabrication isn't cheap.

PM me if you're interested. Post here. Email me: [email protected] Just get ahold of me.

If painting the final result will be necessary and it won't be possible to match the color/finish of the current material, I would like to also have my shift boot surround and another small piece of plastic by my gauge cluster painted. I'd be willing to pay extra for this also... As it would look stupid to have one piece out of three be a diferent color or finish.

Thanks for reading.

PS, this is my current setup