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Thread: ideas please:)

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    ideas please:)

    .. i have ripped out my old install.. coz i was bored lol

    im lookin to build a stealth install.. that cant be riped out (i had to cut my old install out)

    i have the same equipment as i used to have and have no money to upgrade it..

    i have 2 12" subs.. 1 10" sub .. 2 amps.. an car pc..

    i was gonna put it all on the sides.. i only really need one amp and one sub eather 12 or 10.. witch every will be easyer to fit in the space.

    i have a 306 btw
    Head unit - Pioneer - DEH-P6400R
    Speakers - componant sets up front, 2x mutant 2way in rear.
    Amps - 2x 500w
    Subs - 2x 12" 500w 50oz

    90% dun.. need screen :~

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    How the **** are you going to do it when you don't even know where to post?

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    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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