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Thread: tape deck jack for mp3 player not working

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    tape deck jack for mp3 player not working

    I recently bought a 1990 cadillac eldorado. the factory stereo is equiped with bose symphany ampp and speakers so instead of spending upwards of 100 and some dollars to properly connect my cd car stereo to comply with the fancy stock stuff I thought I would just use a tape deck jack to connect my mp3 player. Problem. the casset deck on my stock stereo wont work. It just ejects a tape as soon as I put it in. Is this something I can do to fix that? I have this great sound system and only crappy radio stations to listen too.

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    make sure that your MP3 player is "playing" when you push the tape in. It should make it work.
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    I havent even tried it with the mp3 player yet, I bought the var off my boss and he told me when I purchased it that the tape deck did that

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    try putting the tape in the other way, i.e. if you're putting it in on "side A", flip it and put it in side B. You may have to deal with running the wire to the other side. Give it a try.
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