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Thread: StreetDeck on Discovery Channel? (Future Car Part 4)

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    StreetDeck on Discovery Channel? (Future Car Part 4)

    So I was watching Discovery Channel and a program called Future Car. For the final part (Part 4) coming up next week they are supposed to discuss "The Brains" of future cars. During the clip I noticed them talking about in car computers and what do you guess...but a clear as day shot of them using StreetDeck. Just wanted to say congrats Streetdeck, I'll be looking forward to that episode.

    On another note, I was at the Chicago Autoshow and there was a Vehicle there with some incar computing system. I took a picture of their display, but they weren't showing anything off in the vehicle itself. I'll have to post up a picture. Just glad to see more car computing stuff.

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    i saw that last night too! didn't make the connection but now that you mention it!
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    I recorded it, gonna watch it later tonight, the futurecar series has been sweet so far. I definitely liked the first one the best so far, it's amazing what we already can do with alternative fuels and propulsion systems.

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    Supposedly StreetDeck is in all 4 episodes. I haven't had a chance to watch any of them yet.

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    I haven't watched the whole series yet so I'll have to see if shows up anywhere else. I know they were going to run a marathon of the 4 shows on March 3 I think for anyone interested. Pretty cool documentary/show. The car that ran on compressed air was IMO just genius.

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    apparently, we're in all 4 eppisodes.

    Dono yet, I'm going to have to DVR the March 3rd showing!
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