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Thread: Hard drive died due to cold?

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    Hard drive died due to cold?

    Hey guys,

    Just getting my CarPC setup and had it working well last night. Decided to leave it out over night to see how it deals with the cold. My car temperature monitor said it was -9C outside, which means it was more like -12-15C.

    So I turn on the computer, and it boots up to the windows loading screen. As it's about to finish, it hangs. I get out of the car, open my trunk and reboot the thing manually. It POSTs, then gives an error, "A disk read error occured. press ctrl-alt-delete to restart". I shout an expletive and start driving in to work. I get to work, take the drive in with me and let it warm up. Plug it in on a computer here and same error. I can hear it spinning though.

    So my question is, is there any way to resurrect this thing? I've put a lot of time configuring the OS and front-end. Would really hate to have to do it all again and especially on another hard disk prone to cold weather issues. I do see other users with 3.5" drives that work okay in crappy weather or at least recover after some time to warm up.

    Here are the specs on the drive. Maxtor 3.5" 40Gig 5400 rpm drive.

    The BIOS can see the drive. It just won't continue to boot after POST. Maybe bad MBR and not related to cold but due to corruption from a crash during boot? I'm just sitting here at work and want to see this thing working again.

    Thanks for any advice.

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    Well you should give it time to warm up. And then try again. Maybe an hour or two. Cold definately can have an effect on older/cheaper hard drives.

    If you don't hear any clicking, then the drive should be fine. The cold can't physically damage the drive, unless you try to read/write to it alot between now when it is cold and when it is warmed up.

    If the BIOS can see the drive then that is a big thumbsup!

    Have you tried it in a USB enclosure?
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    Hey ur from Ottawa...And that happend to you..**** from toronto...we got temperature down to -32c one day here..twas a reallly cold and long winter in north america..PLEASE LET ME KNOWW WHAT THE STATUS ON UR HD IS..if you cant revive..then im going to go compact flash drive with a compact flash to IDE adapter..ive only had the comp running for a month i havent tested in cold temps yet...thats something maybe u should consider as well..its rated at MUCH colder temperatures then a HD is..i know the price isnt that good promising..its roguhly about 120 bucks for an 8gb..(WHICH IS STILL GOOD CUZ I PAYED 150 for a 1gb 5 years ago AND THAT WAS OFF EBAY) BUT..thats all you would need and all ur media can be stored in a removable drive...KEEP US POSTED

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