Could you tell me where I might be able to find out more information about this unit in the Newcastle/Maitland area? ie who are the distributors?

I found one site ( which has it for $3699 - Is this a good price? Seems a lot money for what's basically a computer.

I've also found a manual at the site, but I still have some questions:

1. Does the volume/mute/station up/down buttons on the steering wheel of a Commodore VXII Sedan integrate into the unit?
2. The main screen where you can select Movie, Music, Navigation etc shows the date and time. Unfortunately the manual from MaxIce seems to indicate that once you are off that screen (for example, listening to the radio), you can't see the time. The screenshot for the radio page shows that you have 10 pre-set station buttons at the top, with the frequency of the current station in the middle. The manual doesn't say whether this screen stays "static" when you are listening to a radio station or whether the frequency section alternates between showing you the time and the frequency. Obviously the same question goes with listening to music MP's/CD's - does the screen alternate between the track number and the time.
3. There's no real information about how well it integrates with a bluetooth mobile. What would be good would be a button to take you to a phone page where your contacts have automatically sync'ed with your phone. If there's multiple phones nearby and it hasn't automatically connected to the driver's phone, then you should be able to select to connect with another. Obviously you would have to pair the unit up with approved mobile's. This "mobile" screen should have easy access to your phone contacts and be able to handle phone contacts such as the Samsung D900's where you have one contact name but multiple phone entries (eg mobile, home, office, etc). It should also have a keypad in case you have to enter any numbers such as navigating an IVR menu. My work's voicemail rings my mobile when a message is left on my work phone and when I answer, it prompts me to enter my password number.

The reasons for the above questions is because for the past few years I've had a Parrot unit installed which has the ability to be paired to up to 5 mobiles and has a keypad, plus can play MP3 CD's. Unfortunately, it doesn't display the time and for those of you who don't know, the Commodore's time is displayed in their radio unit which obviously isn't installed now.

Secondly, I have Sat Nav at the moment in the form of CoPilot Live 5 on my IPaQ which means I've got to connect it to a holder on the windscreen and to the cigarette lighter, plus the bluetooth receiver is connected to a holder on one of the air vents. Very messy.

Since I miss not being able to see what time it is (it's hard to see a watch at night whilst driving), plus my Sat Nav needs to be upgraded (so I'm thinking whether to spend it on a new unit), plus I want/need hands-free mobile connection and will want a reversing camera soon (I have a 6 month old daughter), I'm looking for something to suit my needs. The infill G4 looks good, seems to come close to what I need (but might be lacking in areas) but is also a tad expensive.