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Thread: carputer in a Mini?

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    Smile carputer in a Mini?

    hello there, First time poster... not sure if this is the correct forum to post in but here goes.

    Looking at getting either a Mini Pickup or a Minivan (this is the old style 'Proper' minis, not the BMW variety), was wondering what people have done in regard to installing a carputer in such a vehicle.
    In both cases it will be a tight squeeze but would interesting to see how others have done it.

    Thanks in advance


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    I'm not sure if anyone on here has done this yet, but I know there was a couple of people planning this on Digital Car (not sure if I'm allowed to say that on here).

    I'm going to be putting on in my Mini Clubman in the next few months. But then my mini won't exactly be factory spec!

    You could put something in either of the rear compartment bins (but airflow might be a problem), or, with a van or pickup, I believe there are 'cubby holes' behind the front seats (underneath the rear seats in the van), so you could stash something there. As for where to put a screen and and keyboard/buttons, your best bet would probably be to get one of those flat dashboards, then you can either put a screen in the glovebox, or cut a hole in the middle of the dash. The buttons could go in a centre console.

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    Very late I know...

    I had a touchscreen mounted on the dash just behind teh steering wheel and the cables running back to a PC in the rear passnager side pocket.

    Various random pic are on:

    I now have a new mini after writing off my old one so am lookign to refit the pc somewhere...

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    i've got a mini panel van im currently installing a carpc in! my biggest word of advice is upgrade your alternator! you can get an 85amp alt that will fit in the same mounting brackets as a mini and will save you a world of powering troubles! the wiring in a mini is quite easy to work out!
    im just building a custom mould for the back of the van that will house a couple of amps the pc and a sub...
    it's very very doable! someone else here is oz has one done...

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    I also have a Mini and am currently installing a PC it is a custom made mini-ITX mounted in the boot on the right hand side opposite the fuel tank, i am going to carpet the boot and it is going to be hidden. I am going to insure that there is sufficent airflow and am planning on it using a DC-DC. I have a touchpad for the mouse and am using a PlayStation 2 keyboard controller for the mouse. I havent decided what monitor to use and that will depend on money lol.
    I am going to be using a standard car HU and mount a power button in the dash, this is so that i can still listen to music normally but if i want GPS more music or videos i can turn on the PC.
    I have bought a new altenator and a decent battery so am hoping battery life wont be to bad.

    Well thats the plan so far not bad since im only 15 lol.


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