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Thread: Help with girder and serial IR reciever

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    Help with girder and serial IR reciever

    OK, so i made my own serial IR reciever device:

    And it is functioning for the most part. My computer recognizes the raw codes and i am able to program the functions of different buttons into girder.

    My problem is that when I press the button to tell it to do something, my computer auto shutsdown or i get a windows error message saying girder has to close.

    For example, i program a button to go "up", then i go into IE or itunes and press the button, and i see the window go up like its supposed to. However right after that i will either get a windows error message saying girder has to close, or sometimes it just shuts down.

    im runnning version 3.2 with Igor's plugin.


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    Does it shut down when you press the button w/o girder running?
    I've messed up a serial port circuit before which caused my computer to shut down, but it was instant - no software problems appeared. So I would *guess* that the command you're using in Girder is causing problems. Try changing the command to something simple, or not binding it to anything at all.

    Oh - that a hella-big circuit board, dude! I wired up almost an identical thing (same parts) in a 9-pin d-sub.
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