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    That worked thanks actually I like it when its not an active window because in roadrunner I can make it those buttons do something else.Question do you know how to make girder do multi key press for instance I want to set a button to be my tab button to change button 1,2,3,4 to do different things
    I tried to get that multitab plugin but since I have the last free version couldn't down load it.I would also like to make my remote work with mousewheel program here so I can press a key and launch it and go back and forth through the mousewheel program to input a,b,c,d, and so forth if your familiar with the mouse wheel program its pretty good to input streets in ig

    Input tool using MouseWheel

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    You want to make multiple groups. Then you can assign a key to enable or disable a group. I'm happy to answer your questions, but this is pretty basic stuff that you should be able to find in the Girder help file or the Girder forums much quicker then posting here. If you can't find an answer though, don't be afraid to ask. I'm a newbie to Girder my self in terms of its advanced scripting capabilities... It can do a lot and there is a lot to read.

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