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Thread: Girder and USB IR receiver

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    Girder and USB IR receiver

    I bought the Jensen IR20 along with the microsoft media center IR receiver (

    Anyway, I cant seem to get this to interface with girder. All of the plugins i find require a serial IR receiver. Searching didnt turn up anything that really helped me. What can I do?

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    I know this is old, but I just noticed it. I spent 1 month figuring this out for the home theater.

    Have a look at

    That's where I got all my info, and the links from and to that page. You have to replace the IR driver that MCE supplies with bruno's, then there are promixis/girder plugins to control it. Only one of the IR outputs seem to work with my two IR receivers, one of which looks just like yours, the other is labled SMK on the back (phillips RC6?). I think I wrote some girder stuff related to this, it should be under their plugins if you are a member.

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