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Thread: Iguidance or GarminMobile

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    It has been two months, and I must say I'm enjoying Garmin Mobile PC. I experienced no lagging issues with it, the auto day/night mode is excellent, and ; The only thing I wish it had is Lane Assist like most up-to-date Garmin devices. Other than that, it gets my highest recommendation.
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    Quote Originally Posted by HiJackZX1 View Post
    I might be going for Garmin, only because I see they have now added the live traffic routing in the PC version. Thats something I really need, especially being in Miami. i was going to go with Navmii, but they are taking too long to release the US maps.
    Where did you see that they added traffic in the PC version?

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    Quote Originally Posted by sandworm View Post
    Where did you see that they added traffic in the PC version?
    +1? I have GMPC but once I tried NavNGo's iGo8 I was hooked. It's very touch-screen friendly and runs super smooth. My friends who have the hand-held Garmins have been very impressed with the response of it.

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    Ford Fussion GPS

    I have a Fussion and recently I instal a Fussion GPS navegational System on it with radio and CD everything works exept my Navegational GPS it comes on with Miamy guidance and I am in Texas it shows the GPS symbol with a Red line across it. Any help out there

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