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Thread: Comparision of LILLIPUT WinCE GPS devices

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    Comparision of LILLIPUT WinCE GPS devices

    I find a lot of WinCE devices from LILLIPUT, does anyone been able to describle the exactly difference between the modles? thanks.
    PC-725: 7inch WinCE 5.0 Computer,
    PC-745: 7inch WinCE 5.0 Computer,
    PC-746: 7inch WinCE 5.0 Computer,
    PC-765: 7inch IP64 WinCE 6.0 Computer,
    PC-865: 8inch headrest type WinCE 6.0 Computer,
    GK-7000: 7inch WinCE Computer, battery/wifi/BT option,

    It seems that lilliput's devices do not have GPS inside, all by external GPS antenna, it seems a pity.

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    I got PC745, PC746, GK7000 in my hand. they belong to same cpu processor, RAM memory, configure. the only difference is the cabling and outer frame. PC746 fixed with a trail cable with 4COM ports. GK7000 with a clumsy apperance because of battery inside consideration.
    The newbie PC765 is interesting, IP64, Cortex-A8... I am exciting to get one.

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