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Thread: GPS Moving. But Not...

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    GPS Moving. But Not...

    So im testing my carPC on my bench..

    GPS Reciever working.
    Centrafuse frontend with iGuidance.

    The thing is. I leave the navigation running with the PC sitting on my desk. iGuidance now and then though thinks im moving. 3km up to 18km. Off road..

    Why does it do this when the GPS reciever isnt moving an inch?


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    because its harder for the gps system to know where u are when there's no speed involved. GPS triangulates your position and when ur sittin still ur basically taking one of the factors out of the equation. That and the fact that while u may not be moving the satelites are and wont get perfect reads without the speed factor. Senior Tech Blogger (Want a product reviewed? Contact me.)
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    Ohh ok. SO this is normal then? Im pretty new to GPS so if its normal no worries.

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    Quote Originally Posted by winnox View Post
    Stop pacing around at 150mph in your room !!!!
    Pretty small room. That'd be some wicked acceleration on my part.. :P

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    Quote Originally Posted by SKiTLz View Post
    Pretty small room.
    Out on the road it should be just fine, but GPS seldom works well indoor.

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