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Thread: Bluetooth GPS - is it robust? Are all GPS units basically the same?

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    Bluetooth GPS - is it robust? Are all GPS units basically the same?

    Can I, for instance, just leave a Bluetooth GPS adapter in the car, and take my computer out of the car when I need to take it with me? Or will I have to go through the Bluetooth synching crap again when I get back into the car?

    Are there major differences I should keep in mind when shopping for a GPS receiver? Do they all, more or less, provide the appropriate GPS-capable navigation program with sufficient data quickly enough? Or are there any significant advantages in going with one over another, such as quick acquisition of satellite signal, high accuracy, extra data?

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    In my experience the problems with BT devices is all on the PC side, the BT GPS I have is pretty bulletproof, but the BT dongle on the PC doesn't like hibernating, etc.

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