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Thread: Software that write GPS speed to TXT file?

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    Software that write GPS speed to TXT file?

    Hi ther, like i said in the title, i am looking for a peace of software that writes te GPS speed (in KM per hour) to a TXT file. (and only the GPS speed, nothing else)

    All the programmes i tested did a hole lot of things, but a simple thing like only writing te speed tot a TXT file was to much to ask for.

    I am trying to get the GPS speed into my bumpercamvideo and the only thing i need now is the speed, so please help me

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    well, if you are using road runner, you can use this autoit script:
    $file = FileOpen("c:\gpslog.txt", 1)
    $index = 0
    If $file = -1 Then
    	MsgBox(0, "Error", "Unable to open file.")
    $rr = ObjCreate("RoadRunner.SDK")
    while 1
    	$spd = $rr.GetInfo("GPSSPD")
    	FileWriteLine($file, $index & "," & $spd)
    	$index = $index + 1
    it basically queries RR for the gps speed that its displaying every 7.5 seconds and saves it to c:\gpslog.txt. It does not close the file untill you kill road runner and it throws an error... I could have made it better but I am lazy and it works.
    It works!!

    Almost all of the time too!

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