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Thread: Cacheing Google Earth Roads

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    It caches the street names for me. You need to have the street name layer turned on while caching, and make sure you are zoomed in close enough for the names to be displayed.
    I think you can cache any layer that is on while running GEcacher, like restaurants, borders, town names, etc.

    My only wish is that it would also allow you to get directions off-line.
    Has anyone heard of a way to do that?


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    I actually had every layer turned on when cacheing, but it does not display it when disconnected

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    Hate to "necro" an old thread, but does anyone have a copy of ge cacher that they can make available for download?

    As mentioned above, is no longer online...........
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    Link updated

    My ISP changed hands so my repost of the cacher is located at

    Have fun,

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