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Thread: Which Route Option do you use in iGuidance?

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    Which Route Option do you use in iGuidance?

    Just curious.

    What do you have your route options set as in iGuidance and why? I noticed that some route options give less direction errors in certain situations. I am currently using "shortest route" to save gas, but it doesnt always seem the most accurate. Using the "shortest route," my drive to school everyday is 15km instead of 16km (fastest route). Do you guys think using the shortest route is worth the savings? For my case, the shortest route option takes me through a community with tons of school and playground zones (but I only have to slow down when returning home because those zones are not in affect in the morning). Opinions welcome.

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    I just have it set to the default. Isn't the default the shortest?

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    The default setting in iGuidance is Quickest. This is the only setting I trust. iGuidance generates quite good routes, but in my experience only when the Quickest setting is selected.

    The Shortest may occasionally help on a very short trip. But make sure you zoom-out, to check if the plotted route is really how you wish to travel.

    The Local and Major DO NOT work as advertised - at least not in my city. Be very careful when you use either of the two settings, because the route generated may be quite bizarre - adding miles and miles to your trip.

    * Quickest = good

    * Shortest, Major, Local = use with extreme caution

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    Shortest tends to make my trip longer by forcing me to go on slower roads. Because of this you end up wasting more gas.
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    i use quickest most of the time.

    on the rare occasions when i need only local streets, i set it to local, if it tells me to get on a freeway, i either set it to avoid that road, or keep going and have it redirect me.

    for example, when i broke my shock offroading, i had no option but to drive a short stretch of highway until i could get onto old route 66. from then on the computer guided me back correctly on local streets. what on the freeway would have taken me no more than 30 minutes took me 2 hours surface street, but saved me in replacing more components than necessary.

    local has worked in several instances for me, every time i have used it, never failed me. YMMV
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    I use shortest but the town isnt so big. I dont go cross town. So for my 20-40 minute drives, with shortest I avoid most of the stop lights, and instead get stop signs. More turns and such, but for me ends up faster because I dont have to wait for the stop lights, just my turn at the sign. However if I am going a fair distance then I set to quickest.
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    I use the Quickest.

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