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Thread: Anyone see this GPS Unit? Innovatek GPS-117

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    Anyone see this GPS Unit? Innovatek GPS-117

    The price on this unit really makes it attractive but the info is terrible! And the only google results link back to mp3playerstore (which is a reputable store, I've bought many times from there before).

    These damn obscure chinese products.....

    Anyone have any idea what this runs on? It looks to me like an oversized Windows Mobile PDA with Route66 on it....

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    1 - has had a horrible repoutation. Some have ordered from them with good results, but I wouldn't do business with them. Look them up on

    2 - Innovatek products are low-quality, commonly known as "pieces of crap".

    The combination of a vendor with known, documented issues and a brand that is known to have quality issues, I'd avoid it like the plague.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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