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Thread: iGuidance V3 Map and software updates needed

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    iGuidance V3 Map and software updates needed

    Anybody know where to find iGuidance V3 map updates?

    I bought a used DVD package off ebay, but when I tried to update through iNav site I was refused registration because serial number on case was already registered (duh, well yeah). Anyway, after contacting iNav, I was informed that a "registered" iGuidance purchased DVD license is non-transferable and therefore not eligible for updates.

    This sucks. I'm not asking for pirated material, just updates for purchased software.

    Somebody out there must have v3 updates downloaded and saved. How about it?

    Oh, I also ordered and have the v4 DVD but after reading all the negative feedback on v4 I think I want to stay with v3 for now. It works great with Centrafuse AFTER you download the CFIG plugin from the Flux website.

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    iGuidance releases map updates with new versions as far as I can tell. To get updated maps I had to buy v4. Not unusual for the industry.
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    Quote Originally Posted by pip View Post
    iGuidance releases map updates with new versions as far as I can tell.
    Is that true with the POI database also? Just wondering if that was updated more regularly since businesses come and go a lot faster than roads do.
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