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Thread: Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008, AutoRoute 2008

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    Microsoft Streets & Trips 2008, AutoRoute 2008

    MS Streets & Trips 2008 is now in a store near you, and if the history is any indicator, then also MS AutoRoute 2008 should be out in few short weeks. A review of the good and the bad is here

    Microsoft Streets and Trips


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    Doesn't really look like its touchscreen friendly from what I can tell from the screenshots.
    Is it possible to have S&T with a touch friendly interface or are we forced to use what MS has given us?

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    Micro$oft's GPS apps have NEVER been touchscreen friendly.

    Hell, none of the MS applications are particularly touchscreen-friendly.
    Have you looked in the FAQ yet?
    How about the Wiki?

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    MS S&T 07 was not touch friendly but its workable.
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