Hey, I've been lurking on this site for several months now and I'm about to get a GPS.. I'm just not sure I'm convinced I want to spend that extra 100$ on the Garmin.. Does anyone have any opinons on the Deluo GPS yet? I just want to make sure the receiver does not take a long time to lock to satelittes and I know the Garmin does not take long from what everyone says..

Is the USB Garmin the same as the serial version, but just USB? I notice most people seem to get the serial one, is there a reason? Is there any problems with the USB version or compatibility issues? (I'm running windows XP)

Anyone have any cheaper websites for Garmin? I've searched and read someone said he got a Garmin for 140 or even 160? Heres the link to where I was able to finally find it, I searched though tons of the sites listed on the Garmin Internet dealers page, but most of their sites are sporting goods/and or boating and I can't seem to find PC ones there Thanks in advance for any advice.