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Thread: GPS Antenna Placement in tint strip?

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    Question GPS Antenna Placement in tint strip?

    Have an 01 maxima with the factory tint strip at the top of the windshield. I was thinking about placing a gps antenna up there in the tint strip and running it to where it needs to go. I have done a lot of searching and reading but I was wondering if people have direct experience.

    Is there any way to know, or does anyone know if that factory tint strip is "metallic" or would otherwise cause problems with an external antenna?

    Any help is much appreciated for a newbie

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    you're best bet is to just temporarily "rig" it up there and see what happens, i have formula1 tint on my car that has a metalic film on it, and my gps finds satellites but it won't lock, but when i try it on the front windshield or outside the car it takes about 30 secs to lock

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    thanks a lot for your reply man! I ended up doing just what you said, works fantastic. Obviously the tint strip isn't metallic!

    Thanks again!

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