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Thread: Iguidance Feezes During Hibernate

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    Iguidance Feezes During Hibernate

    I am using the latest version of RR and IG3.0. When I leave IG open and the computer enters hibernate once the bring the computer out the screen remains black and nothing happens and the computer will not go back into Hibernate I need to unplug it.

    If I don't leave it on the IG screen it works fine, I just loose the GPS receiver and need to close IG and restart it to get it to work.

    Any ideas?

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    are you using xport 3 or anything to split the gps signal?

    If I use the GPS from the store (Prolific?) straight into the USB port and directly to iGuidance and iGuidance is on during hibernate, it freezes the driver or something similar. I would have to unplug and replug it in.

    I use xport3 and set it to automatically reset the gps plug after resume from hibernate. solved my problem.

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    I am still playing with xport as the moment so I am not using it because I can not get it to work. The computer just stalls when it enters back into Windows. Music starts to play but nothing on the screen. I then will need to unplug the computers power to restart.

    I am using a BU-353 and running WinXP

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