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Thread: Using Nokia N95 for gps?

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    Using Nokia N95 for gps?


    I have a nokia n95 phone just wondering if anyone has successfully used it for there GPS unit into there carputer? or if it can be done? i was thinking of using it thorough the RCA connecters into my moniter and just running it thru AV2, but id rather use it straight thru road runner,


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    I have a N95 too, and it's too slow to work well as a primary GPS unit (great as a backup, or on a rental car). Generating a route takes quite a bit of time (30-60 seconds?) when I tested it.

    Anyways, I'd imagine what you can do if you really want to, is have a RCA video input on your carpc where the N95 feeds into. Then when you hit the GPS button in RR, it's pulls up the video input in a window. For controls, you might want to try python. There's an interesting link here about using a module called LocationRequestor to access the internal GPS.


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