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Thread: Track my car? Computer + GPS Unit + Internet

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    very cool news enforcer!

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    I just posted a message on your Goops thread. I purchased Pro, but doesn't seem to capture timestamps. That's the only reason I decided to spend $15 instead of sticking with free. What's up with that? I guess I don't understand how Goops works. Is there a user manual please?

    Quote Originally Posted by davidhite View Post
    GooPs comes in a free version that will upload your current position and track history to an ftp server periodically. The data can be viewed with google earth or google maps.
    There are many free ftp hosting sites out there that will work or you can use your own ftp server.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BREWDOG52 View Post
    To the OP, W3bMa5t3r (Steve) has a free solution called W3bTracker
    Ive used it and it works great, you can make it public so others can track you or keep it private so only you have access. However, you have to request a pin from Steve and he hasn't been active on here for awhile so he may or may not respond to the pin requests.

    *Edit: I just noticed that SUVputer said the site was down...hmm. I was just on it a couple of days ago and it was up. I'll check and see if i can still get on.

    **Edit: just logged in and the site seems to be working fine. My gps isn't connected so I wasn't tracking but the site is up and running.
    The site is up and running, and the support team just sent me my UID!

    What is great in software is the offline tracking which is very easy to use.

    justintime I have been looking for something like this too. Simple, and NOT requiring a server. Basically what I would want is:

    1) Software that logs NMEA data continually to a file
    2) Waits for internet connection, and uploads the data file via FTP or similar, to a predefined address.
    3) Rinse, wash, repeat...

    What is it with all the software solutions out there requiring a web server account, and have the user share it's location with the world?! (potentially).
    It would be perfect to have 2) + automatic logging + integration to CF (which could be easily done)!

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    Quote Originally Posted by SUVputer View Post
    Very interesting!

    What if I don't have an Internet connection in the car?
    I just wanted to upload my data at the end of the day and see where I've been on Google Maps. I've already tried w3btracker but the site seems to be down.


    you can set the client to only upload your data when you enter your local wifi network. Or you can use the NMEA logger to store a local file on your PDA and then upload it to your computer. If you are using GpsGate client on your computer then you can set the NMEA recorder as input and send the data as an output to ex google earth.

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