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Thread: Anyone used these receivers before?

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    Question Anyone used these receivers before?

    They are made by a company called Laipac. I already searched the forum and didn't get any hits, so I am wondering what everyone's opinion is. I am particularly interested in the TF10/30 OEM chips and their brothers that are paired with active antennas, mounts and either RS232(serial) or USB interfaces.

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    I havent used them, but i have emailed them and asked about them.

    To connect the TF10, you need to buy the P1-SMA active antenna, and you need to build a small circut to change the serial voltage to the correct one to interface with the serial port. It can be done easily with the MAX232 IC. It can be bought at most electronics parts stores.
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    I have not used those specific ones, but have used the Motorola OEM gps receivers.


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