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Thread: Gps disconnects :( help please

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    Gps disconnects :( help please

    Hello all. .

    I just finished building in my carPC 2 weeks ago and now i started fidling around with the rest of the functions i can use it for . . BUT . . As soon as i start Mapmonkey everything is fine. . I can use it for hours and hours without a singel problem. . But as soon as i start using my gps device, in this case COM4 in RR itself *(without running any other app using that port ofc)* It works fine for about 10 mins and than my com just crashes. Its not only on my carpc but also on my laptop wich i use for testing it all .

    At first it made my entire RR crash but i fixed that by removing the zip**.dll now i can just keep on using RR but to be able to RE-use my gps device i have to either reboot my entire pc or turn it on and off.

    I wonder if any of you know a solution for this or atleast where to search it, in windows itself or in RR. . I've been searching for a solution for the past 2 days and i'm completely lost . . . .
    *(i also tried reinstalling it on another com and multiple settings for blue-tooth ofc.)*

    Thanks in advance .

    1.8 V6 136 standard.

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    Am I reading this right, you are trying to use your GPS with two applications on the same port? If that's the case you cant do that you need to split the ports with a port splitter like xport or similar. A GPS port can only be used by one application at a time. If you don't want to use a port splitter the take a look at freedrive instead as RR will talk directly with that and get all the GPS info it needs.
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    Tnx for the reply

    But nop i'm not using the gps with 2 programs . . Only with RR atm . . As soon as i wanna navigate i just close RR and start up mapmonkey <-- Still got the embedding problem with mapmonkey in roadrunner
    I just gave mapmonkey as example couse that keeps working for hours @ a time without a singel crash from my gps .

    And as soon as i start gps in RR it just crashes. This is for example if i start GPS stats, it works fine for a couple of mins and than my gps hangs and the com port disapears from the system. .


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