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Thread: First Post- Uses a Navman gps with Iguidance

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    First Post- Uses a Navman gps with Iguidance


    im in the midst of installing my first carputer (thanks to and ran into a huge problem. Iguidance does not detect my USB gps reciever.

    i tried searching the forums, but nothing came up for my particular issue, some specs:

    Software: Iguidance Version 4
    Hardware: Navman ehunter GPS sensor

    the gps receiver works when i am using rand mcnally (the software it came with) attached is a screen shot of how my computer recognizes the device

    any ideas on how to get iguidance to work with this receiver?

    (thanks in advance)
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    Don't look for under 'USB'. Look for it under 'Ports'. (I'm assuming your USB GPS receiver came with a software driver that creates a virtual com port.)

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    thanks for the reply,

    under ports, i only have my Blue tooth com ports but the USB devices i put a rectangle around, that is my GPS receiver. a screen shot of the ports (with gps connected)

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