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Thread: CF GPS Card on Commell LV-671 - help

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    CF GPS Card on Commell LV-671 - help

    I have a Holux GM-270 and I cannot get XP, LinuxICE or CentOS to recognize the card. The card does still work in another device so I can verify that it is functional, but I would like to use it on the computer for obvious reasons. The PCMCIA controller also appears to be working correctly.
    Has any one had luck with this combination? Perhaps there is something I am missing in the BIOS?

    I did change the CF Address setting (JCFSEL) jumper on the mobo from master to slave

    any help appreciated.

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    Hello frndrfoe,

    It simply won't work that way. the CF slot is really an IDE-only slot. It is only wired to the IDE controller and not to the PCMCIA controller at all, so any IO cards won't work, only CF flash cards (up to any size, that is an advantage though)

    You will need a PCMCIA--> CF adapter to get the card working, and plug it in the PCMCIA slot. That should work, if supported at all.

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