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Thread: GPS 20x Weatherproof?

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    GPS 20x Weatherproof?

    Ive had my Garmin Mobile + included GPS 20x installed in my jeep grand cherokee for about 2 months, currently my setup has the gps reciever inside the lid of the trunk where the brake light is on the top. I didnt find any documentation about whether or not the reciever was weatherproof so i was wondering if any of you had a setup with the reciever exposed. If so, what were your results. The only reason i ask is because I currently get a very poor (however useable) signal through the boot of the jeep. If i were to put it on top(exposed) of where it currently is , I get signal like 10 times faster.

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    If you go down to the woods today, You're sure of
    It'll probably be what they call water resistant as opposed to waterproof.

    Ie it can take a gentle splashing but any prolonged exposure or excessive pressure it may fail.

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    Another climate question about the Garmin gps 20x

    I just ordered one and I live in VERY HOT climate, average summer time weather is 110. A few days ago, I left a level on my dash. When I came back from my errands, my level looked more like a bumpy boomerang! I will admit it was a cheap little one, but the plastic warped like a wide "U" and the magnet even was bent from the heat, and that is not a very comforting image if it happens to be expensive electonics. Anywho, I was wondering if Garmin's GPS 20x is safe on the dash or should I place it somewhere a bit more outta exposure? I'd rather have it inside my truck for ease and convience. If anyone knows I would appreciate any input! Thanks!

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