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Thread: Did a little searching but...

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    Did a little searching but...

    I couldn't really get a good idea of what map monkey is. I understand it's a nav app for the PC but what maps do you use with it? I have garmin maps for Garmin Mobile PC. Will those work with it? Thanks guys!

    Sorry for the noob question.

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    No, map monkey does not use Garmin maps. It's built around destinator
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    Thanks NiSlo. So one more there a Destinator made for the PC or am I supposed to use the one for a WM device??

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    There is no Destinator for the PC.

    MapMonkey and FreeDrive are both built on the old Destinator 3 engine which actually had a PC SDK (not officially supported) the maps are a bit old now but still work fairly well. (you can use the PN version maps by 'cutting' them with the mapcutter that is supplied with MapMonkey.

    There are Version of Destinator 6 and 7 which can work on the PC but they are built on the PDA/WM versions, and have no SDK so no direct interface with a front end.

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