I have a HAICOM BT 407 unit, and before my car pc install i was using this with my Pocket PC. i had no issues, and it worked all the time with great accurassy. Now that i have the Car PC installed, I can not use the GPS recievr in the front. It will not lock on at all. If i put the GPS unit in the back, it will get a lock, but its very sketchy. I will be off by streets, and sometimes just jump all around. I have to assume that my Car PC and all its wireless equipment is causing interference. i tried to connect a external antenna, but the unit shuts off when i try to plug it in. The BT 407 also has a option to work as a USB mouse, which I started using because Centrfuse will only allow me to use phone with the BT Dongle. THe USB works great, but the reception drives me crazy. Also as a note, if the 407 is in the front it will not lock at all, as soon as i move it to the rear of the car, i will get lock right away, but its sketchy.

Anyone know what i can do?

PS: It seems that I may be able to simply get rid of the BT 407. I also have a Sierra Sprint 595U aircard and it turns out it has GPS built in. Hopefully it works with iGuidance.