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Thread: XM weather on pc - Anthing out there

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    XM weather on pc - Anthing out there

    I was wondering if anyone knows if there is a way to do XM Weather on a Laptop or Carputer with over the counter parts that support it? I'm trying to avoid the expensive Aviation alternatives. Anyway thought I would ask here since my searches pulled up nothing reasonable on the net.



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    Shawn, I don't know the answer to your exact question, but I just want to mention, in case it may be of help to your project, that at least two GPS navigation software products (iGuidance and Garmin Mobile PC) come with a built-in current weather and weather forecast feature (Internet connection required).

    Hopefully some other person will answer your exact question, though.

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    You can hook up the following device to get XM satellite weather.

    You will have to get an additional subscription package on top of your xm radio package.
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