Does anyone happen to have the detailed connector pin-out of the TrimTrac Pro GPS Tracker/Locator?

I'm interested in knowing the pin details of the gold plated finger connectors seen on the inside left (snapshot above).

TrimTrac sells various modules to use on these connectors but are expensive for what they are or do. Availability of these modules are a big issue too. Ex. I cant find the Control Module anywhere in North America. The control module enables 2 Switched outputs in addition to the Alarm inputs and battery backup features supported by the Vehicle Accessory Module.

The modules are simple HW interfaces and if we know the connector pinout on the base unit, it should be easy to make them to individual needs.

What is TrimTrac Pro?

The TrimTrac Pro locator is a compact, light-weight asset monitoring device that requires little, if any, installation when used in its battery powered configuration. Different hardware options allow the device to be configured to meet a variety of demanding installation and operational requirements. Motion-based reporting continues to be an important tool in minimizing power consumption and recurring communication costs. Its key features include:

GPS Tracker/Locator
On-board Geofencing Facility
Run Time Meters
Start/Stop Reporting Mode
Water-resistant housing
Easy installation
Size allows discrete placement
Worldwide Quad-band GSM/SMS/GPRS coverage
Enhanced GPS performance
Battery or vehicle powered
90 day operation on 4 AA batteries
Internal Antenna included
System functions with either external or internal antenna
Intelligent Motion-based Reporting
Scheduled Hours of Operation
Odometer and Speed Monitoring
Arrival/Departure Reporting
Exception Alert Reporting
Over-the-Air Programmability

TrimTrac is very good for tracking your Car or just about any movable assets and could be used to even control the Doors/ Engine Kill etc based on commands its receive via GSM or certain Alarm trigger conditions.

Any help on finding the connector details would be highly appreciated