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Thread: General GPS questions

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    Question General GPS questions

    Hi all,

    Recently I've been wondering about building a pc in my car with GPS but I know nothing about how GPS work or what do I need to have it working.

    After searching through the web I've come to the conclusion that all I need is some kind of receiver for the pc, is that right?

    Also, what are good ones, being the price a big issue for me, and for what features do I need to look when searching for one and if all of them do more or less the same thing or are very different depending on the price tag.

    The features I'm most looking after is the ability to guide me in real-time through cities and roads.

    BTW, Im in europe if that's an issue.

    Many thanks to all

    PS. Do I need to pay some kind of fee to some company for the service or is completely free?

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    It's completely free (asside from hardware of course!)

    look around for some ideas on hardware and pricing
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