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Thread: Onstar hack (2005 trailblazer)..Still possible?

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    Onstar hack (2005 trailblazer)..Still possible?

    Been trying to read up as much as I can for an upcoming CarPC install. I have learned tons of info from this site but have found that a lot of it is from 2005-2006 so I feel it has probably changed a lot since then.

    My main question now is whether the Onstar hack is still something you can do now that they changed to digital signals or would the whole system need to be updated? I would like to take advantage of the GPS receiver since I heard it is superior to most other receivers, but if it is a huge ordeal to do so then it probably wouldn't be worth it.

    If hacking the unit to use the receiver isn't possible, can the antenna be used as an external for a computer gps receiver?

    Thanks in advance for any help!

    Also if anyone has any info as to where the onstar equipment is located in a 2005 trailblazer, that would be awesome too..

    Thanks again.

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    No real tips for grabbing the GPS info as I haven't done it yet, but when I was looking to do the same in my '05 TB I had come across some...Google'll be your friend there. (Just found: ; haven't read yet, but looks promising)

    You will find you OnStar equipment under the rear seat in your truck.

    Good Luck, post with any success!


    Stumbled across this too: Onstar hack 2001 Yukon XL
    Specifically the third post saying that it won't work after ' maybe not

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    Starting around 2002, GM/OnStar merged the two units, the VIU and the VCI, into a single box. This also caused the GPS receiver to be integrated into the mainboard and was no longer a daughterboard. While it may be possible to still tap into the GPS receiver signals, it's a lot harder without a schematic or some serious hacking. If your VIU looks like the one in minou's link, then you're set.

    As for the antenna, yes, it can be used for other GPS receivers as long as you can get it connected. This can be either a direct match, using an adapter cable, or cutting and soldering the correct connector on.

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