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Thread: Trouble w voice on S&T 2008

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    Trouble w voice on S&T 2008

    I am unable to get the voice to work w/ S&T 2008. Whenever I install the program on my lappy, I get an error saying "the text to speech component has encountered a problem. To repair the problem, please reinstall microsoft streets and trips.

    I have done this several times with no success. I checked under control panel, sounds, and I don't have a speech option. I tried downloading Microsoft Text to speech and that didn't solve the problem. I am running a cut down version of xp called tiny xp. I am sure some of you have experience with this software. I beleave it was done for in car applications for quick boot and shutdown. However, I think that they might have left out the speech component of xp.

    I installed the software on my desktop to see if the error was within the software cd that I have. It worked fine on my desktop running xp professional corporate edition.

    Is there any way I can load just the speech engine from my full version of xp to my lappy? Or does anyone know of any other option for me?

    Thanks in advance.

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    +1 same problem. I also have a stripped version of XP SP2 running. It won't even let S&T 2008 run without TTS installed. Is there any way to circumvent this problem? I love S&T and want the angle view and auto re-route.

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    Hi rizaydog and crooper,

    Try the following two steps (and let me know if it helps):

    1. Download & install Microsoft Reader:

    2. Download & install Microsoft Text-to-Speech Package:

    By the way, there is now the new and improved S&T 2009 available.
    Free 60-day trial download and more info here: Streets and Trips 2009

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    Thanks for the tip! I figured there'd be a workaround.

    And oooh yeah I'm off to the company store... I didn't know it'd been released yet.

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