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Thread: XM/Sirius/GPS antenna

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    XM/Sirius/GPS antenna

    Im looking for a combo antenna for my car. Im going to be getting a deck that has GPS built in, and then im going to be getting the XM and Sirius tuner boxes so i want to find an antenna that will do all 3 intead of having 3 antennas on my car.

    Im almost positive that the Sirius and XM antennas are the same. Im going to do some testing. I work at an electronics store so i have some of this stuff at my disposal. Then i just need to figure out if i can just split the signal from the antenna to both receivers. It should work since they are only receiving, and only one is active at a time. (However they are both powered up a the same time.) Then just need to find an antenna that will do eigther XM or Sirius and GPS.

    Im just trying to see if anyone has alrady looked into this and has any info that i could make use of.
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    sorry I know this is off topic... but I need your help!

    like 3 years ago you posted on a forum that you needed a pinout for 6 wires that connected a screen in an "intec xbox screen"

    the link is here:

    Anyway you responded that your pins pulled out and you needed a closer picture to find out where the wires went back in. I am now having the same problem and I was wondering if there is any tiny chance you might still have any info if you ever figured that out.

    thank you in advance,
    sorry about contacting you this way,

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