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Thread: Functionality of MapPoint Embedded in RR

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    Question Functionality of MapPoint Embedded in RR

    Hi, I have looked around for a while and haven't found an answer to this. I was wondering about the way Mappoint works inside of RR. I can get it embedded fine, but none of the buttons work and Mappoint basically is just running like it normally would in Windows. I don't know if this is just the way mappoint is set to work with RR or if I am doing something wrong. I want to be able to use the GPS functions in RR like I have seen people do here in their pics and videos. I have some limited knowledge in working with ini files and what not, and I'm wondering if that is all I need to do. However, unless I know what I'm looking for, I wont change anything for fear of screwing something up. Here is what I have done so far:

    1) read through this forum, learn as much as I can.
    2) Installed RR
    3) Installed RR Config, and ran auto update-Thanks for helping me find it Blue!
    4) Installed DIgital FX4.0
    5) Configured RR to work with Firefox
    6) Changed Config to work with Mappoint using the settings I found in the
    A)Set Target Location for mappoint
    B)Set Window Name to Mappoint
    C)Selected Mappoint as my GPS

    Am I missing something else? Your guidance is greatly appreciated!

    EDIT: I also just bought a BU-353 and got it working with Mappoint, but I noticed that if I close out of RR and get back in, the GPS receiver does not re-initiate. Anyone having this issue? Mappoint wont recognize it I assume because the reciever is still being used in the background.

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    Okay, so I read about using Xport to allow multiple use of the gps. I now have that working, so RR and Mappoint aren't conflicting. But I still cannot get mappoint to embed fully inside of RR. None of the buttons work. Someone pls point me in the right direction!

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