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Thread: Holux Bluetooth receiver with automatic power on (hard switch)

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    Holux Bluetooth receiver with automatic power on (hard switch)

    I'm looking to add a permanent GPS receiver into my car. I plan to remove the battery, and simply hardwire the GPS unit into the vehicle electrical system.

    I would like a high end Holux unit (32 channel ideally), but it must have a hard power switch and no auto-off feature. In order words, if the power switch is ON on the GPS, then it will power on and off based on the application of power to the unit.

    Does anyone have experience with the recent holux units (eg M1000)? Do any meet these needs?

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    Holus GPSlim 236 has a hard on switch.

    with no battary and just a USB cable pluged in (it gets its power from the USB cable) so you dont need to plug it into an external PSU.

    I've got the above and tested that.

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