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Thread: Reciever location/positioning

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    Reciever location/positioning

    This is gonna sound like a total newbie question, which I'm totally not a newbie. Anyway I have had my carputer up and running for over a year now running Centrafuse which uses Destinator, I have a USB receiver similar to this one

    Sometimes when stationary or when i have just started the car but not taken off the icon on the screen that represents me (a small triangle) is facing the wrong way, of course after moving a small distance the icon straightens out and faces the correct direction. I have just done an major upgrade and have had to pay attention to every detail etc etc and i Wondered if it matters which way my GPS receiver faces.

    At the moment my receiver sits on my rear parcel/hat shelf with the USB cord running out of the device and toward the rear of the car. Does this matter at all? does it make any difference.

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    Quote Originally Posted by vqstatesman View Post
    the USB cord running out of the device and toward the rear of the car. Does this matter at all?
    No, not at all

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    The Gps computes your heading (direction) with position @ 't' & 't+1'. But with no move or really slow moves, the error in position is greater than the traveled distance and fools the gps.
    Now Galileo is real. Muhahahahaha :p

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    your reciever is a dot and nothing more than that, makes no difference how you put it in, just as long as it can see the sat's.

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