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Thread: laptop Gps/Software Questions

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    laptop Gps/Software Questions

    I have just purchased an Acer Aspire One, Win Xp and 160gb hard drive, built in mic.
    I would like to use this as my gps/mapping system for travel.

    I have used older versions of Streets & Trips, and have an original Tom Tom.

    My questions are:

    1. Do any of the mapping programs take voice commands from the laptop to control functions?

    2. Can they be installed on the Acer in total and not require a DVD drive to work?.

    3. What gps receiver do you recommend, and should it be blue tooth or usb?

    4. What software package do you recommend. I have been reading the Iguidance reviews and it sound interesting.

    In advance, thanks for your help.

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    I use sygic and it works great. Everything is installed on the pc so no dvd required.

    I use the BU-353 which is a usb gps reciever and have no problems.

    I run all this on my dev pc which is a acer aspire and on my shuttle based carputer.

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    The one question I have for YOU is this-
    what size display?

    A 10" screen is plenty big enough for any of the computer software out there to be usable. Smaller... yeah, not so much. I have a 7" in my car and a netbook with an 8.9" and both are too small for my normal laptop software (Delorme) to work very well imo.

    I have found that Garmin Mobile PC works very well on small screens, but has a few disadvantages-
    no on-screen keyboard
    activation policy that makes it very difficult to migrate the software to a new system if you upgrade.

    One of my BU-353s died, so I did get one of the Garmin bluetooth GPS sensors as well, and have to say that I am rather fond of the convenience of THAT, though battery needs to be charged every few days of use.

    I have no experience with voice command nav, as I don't use that. Or even the spoken directions..

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    Hi jgaylor,

    1. As far as I know only DeLorme Street Atlas has the built-in voice command function. There may be user created add-ons for other programs that achieve the same.

    2. Yes, you may install programs on your DVD-less laptop. You can do it by networking it with another computer that does have a DVD drive, or by using an external DVD drive for the installation. Or you may just copy the content of the DVD drive to a memory card, or memory stick, and then run the installation from there.

    3. If you don't mind the cable going from your laptop to the GPS, then USB GPS is a good choice. Otherwise get a Bluetooth unit.

    Globalsat USB GPS BU-353 is a very popular unit on this forum.

    4. Yes, iGuidance is very good. There are a few other programs, too. Each has its weaknesses and strengths.

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    I use garmin with globsat 353.. 10.4" monitor.. use the overlay skin and it will have keyboard and sound functions. I used this software through NYC and it saved my A55 big time.
    Did it.. Done it... now I got to keep the neighbors kids away!!

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    acer one aspire 8" screen

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