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Thread: Xport hibernation problems

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    Xport hibernation problems

    To be able to use my GPS with two different programs I use Xport.

    Everything works fine but sometimes when system wakes up from hibernation I don't recive any GPS data.
    Only thing I can do to make it work is restating the system. When I do this I recive a message from XP that Xport is not working.
    So the problem is given by Xport.

    Now I search for some inf and saw ion the Xport the next infor:

    "Still have hibernate isues? Make sure you have the latest Prolific PL2303 Driver which most USB GPS units use"

    My question now is, do I need to uninstall the drivers I'm using now and replace them whit this one.Or just need to installed this driver above the one I already use???

    Question is also witch driver to use. I see two different files
    -PL2303 Prolific DriversInstaller 1025
    -PL 2303 Driver Installer for GPS

    I use a USB GPS receiver (not a serial one)
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    Use the top file (1025). They are all for USB. Uninstall the old one first.

    I've never seen a message from XP that says Xport is not working. What does it look like? Any error numbers or less vagueness?

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