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Thread: Onstar GPS data

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    Onstar GPS data

    A friend of mine is looking for information so I told him I'd post a question. I hope someone can help.

    He's looking for information about the current model Toyota/Lexus navigation system. Specifically the type of GPS chip set being used, and if there is raw long/lat data available either in TTL form or other ways.

    Also does anyone know if the data (assuming the above is true) is in NEMA format or not, and if so is there a documented form for it. Schematics, or good photographs of the circuit board, so I can inspect. Yes, I'm trying not to pull one apart just yet...

    Ideally I'd love to get at the data from the wiring, but I'm willing to put taps on the board if the data can be gotten from there.


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    You may also try posting your question in a Toyota/Lexus forum, if you find one that has a section focused on GPS related discussions.

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