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Thread: GPS software with Brazilian maps..

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    GPS software with Brazilian maps..

    Anyone know a good GPS navigation program to use on a carputer with a 5.6" composite lcd screen that have Brazilian maps including states, cities, roads, etc.
    Tanks very much for the help..


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    here are your options to this

    1) if the brazilian market is covered by some company (teleatlas/navtech), then you may be in luck (except that the data is proprietary and the software too)
    2) maybe your government has a set of freely available digital map files (then we could prolly use them if they are designed properly and vector-based. bitmaps are not useful)
    3) time to create your own maps.

    for 3, you can join us in the small (destined to grow) NavSys community.
    NavSys is available for free on

    you can connect to on #navsys to chat.

    hope to see you soon


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